A variety of projects have begun to take shape with the support of IPAI. Peruse a variety of projects ranging from “Exploration Grants” which support early engagement with generative AI tools to help share ideas and approaches across the university, to “Innovation Grants” which encourage experimentation with generative AI tools, both at the course and curricular level, as well as at the research level. Read the Provost’s blog post about the first round of funded projects. You can also see more information about the types of grants available on our 2023 Call for Submissions page.

Fellows and Community Cohorts

The Fellows and Community Cohort grants are meant to support the exploration of generative AI tools in teaching and learning. They’re intended to support broad conversations on campus and to help spread ideas about pedagogical and curricular approaches. IPAI Fellows include faculty and students have been working with AI tools or have interest in testing and documenting particular strategies that can be shared with others. Community cohorts include departments, programs, or other groups of like-interested faculty to form and organize their own cohorts to explore the ways that AI might reshape academic fields and be integrated into curricula. See our most recent Fellow and Cohort grantees below.


  • Josh Goldstein, CSET
  • Akshaya Narayanan, Ethics Lab
  • Sherry Kao, Philosophy
  • Mary Jennifer Scott-Herring, School of Nursing
  • Uday Chandra, SFS
  • Rebecca Helm, Earth Commons
  • Seth Perlow, English
  • Janet E. Gomez, BALS
  • Katherin Vargas Henao, Spanish
  • Jonathan Compo, English
  • Grace Hui Yang, Computer Science
  • Benjamin Daniels, McCourt
  • Karen Ross, School of Medicine
  • Emma Nagler, Philosophy
  • William T. Adler, School of Law
  • Alexandra Mira Alonso, Spanish
  • John Wright and Kartikeya Uniyal, GU-Q
  • Matthew Carnes, SFS
  • Jeanine Turner, CCT
  • Shannon Brick, Ethics Lab

Community Cohorts

  • Mary Jennifer Scott-Herring, School of Nursing
  • John Kraemer & Jason Schloetzer, School of Health