Initiative on Pedagogical Uses of Artificial Intelligence


Exploration grants

Supporting early engagement with generative AI tools to help share ideas and approaches across the university.

Priority deadline: September 29, 2023

Faculty early adopter mini-grants, “IPAI Fellows”

Supporting faculty teaching practice by recognizing individual faculty who have been working with AI tools, or have interest in exploring and documenting particular strategies that can be shared with others.

Award range: $1,000

Community cohort mini-grants for academic units, cross-cutting faculty groups

Supporting cohort conversations among colleagues who share field interests—within or across academic units—to explore the impact of AI on teaching and research in their fields, and how those changes might have an impact on curriculum and pedagogy.

Award range: $500-$1,500

Innovation grants

Encouraging experimentation with generative AI tools, both at the course and curricular level, as well as at the research level.

Expressions of Interest due by September 29, 2023

Curriculum development grants

Supporting curricular innovation through projects that seek to integrate practical and conceptual approaches to AI. Examples include projects that  advance personalized instruction through AI-enhanced feedback, support self-guided learning, and critically explore the societal implications of AI on human value and justice.

Award range: Up to $10,000

Research seed grants

Supporting research on AI and learning, including such areas as the development of novel AI/ML models and techniques to study their application in education, and the study of algorithmic biases and harms in AI applications in education.

Award range: Up to $10,000

X-grants for student innovation

Supporting student innovation with AI that can enhance learning, the student educational experience, or apply AI to student-generated projects advancing the common good.

Award range: Up to $5,000

For more information, please see the full CFP. If you have any questions or want more information about ideas, please contact Eddie Maloney and Randy Bass, Co-chairs, IPAI Task Force.